AC Wall "Zapper"
Control AC Wall Powered Device with Your Universal Remote!

Features of the Zapper's remote sensor head (pictured left):

Sits well on a table-top, or where ever you need it.

Extendable remote head using an inexpensive cable.

Manual push-button for added control convenience.

LED indicates the power state.

Optional, safe-shutdown mode (see below).

"Learns" your chosen IR remote button(s) in seconds.

Single-button or dual-button IR remote control operation.


Two modes of operation:

Instant On / Instant Off

This is the out-of-the box mode that is used for AC appliances such as table and floor lamps. It allows the Zapper to instantly turn on (and off) when you press the assigned button on your universal remote.

Instant on / Delayed Off

This is an optional safe-shutdown mode that will flash the LED red for 15 seconds before shutting down, giving the user a chance to cancel shutdown. This is useful for devices that are important not to accidentally shutdown -- such as audio amplifiers, video game consoles, and external storage hard drives.


Handles 1000 Watts. UL 120VAC 60Hz. Indoor use only (in other words, don't get it wet.)

Programming instructions for the Zapper
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